1. Y Combinator Startup School
  • Y Combinator is one of the best seed investment startup accelerators in the world
  • This is the single greatest startup resource… ever
  • 8-week self-paced course for active startups (extensive library of resources too)
  • PRO TIP Startups who complete YC Startup school have a much higher chance of being accepted into the YC Accelerator!
  • If you’re don’t have an active company yet you can try their free “Future Founders” online course (6 week self-paced course)
  1. Techstars Entrepreneur’s Toolkit
  • Techstars is another world leading accelerator giving back to entrepreneurs!
  • Another amazing resource covering all the basics for startups
  • 18 different topics each with multiple videos and worksheets
  • No login or signup required – barrier free access with the above link 
  • Also includes a 4-part series on “Entrepreneurship & Mental Health
  1. Antler Launch Academy
  • Antler is a global early stage VC (venture capital)
  • 9 online masterclasses covering everything from idea to VC funding
  • Connect with community on founders through their slack and digital meetups.
  1. How to build a startup by Steve Blank
  • Steve Blank is the man! He pioneered the “lean startup” movement
  • He also wrote this famous startup book “The Startup Owner’s Manual
  • He delivers this full 1-month self-paced interactive course on Udacity 
  • 6 lessons covering how to rapidly test and develop your innovative solution
  1. Introduction to Human-Centered Design by IDEO.org
  • IDEO are one of the most famous design & innovation companies in the world
  • They brought the concept of human-centered design & “Design Thinking” to the masses
  • IDEO.org is IDEO’s sister non-profit organization
  • 9-week course covering ALL the basics of design thinking 
  • An amazing offer as usually IDEO courses cost +$600 for only 1 design thinking module

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