Pitch Decks can make or break your startup. Especially when it comes to attracting investors! 

So here are our top recommendations for getting ahead with your Startup Pitch Deck. 

  1. Slidebean

  • Slidebean is a suite of tools for creating a startup pitch deck 
  • They have their own AI design tool; you can also get help from their team too (humans)
  • This is the most amazing resource for pitch deck design with downloadable PowerPoint versions of pitch decks from Uber, AirBnB and Tesla (+ many more – full list here)

2. OpenDeck

  • 1200+ famous startup pitch deck slides
  • Cool feature: All searchable by slide type enabling you to see the “solution” slides from all the different startups to provide some perspective and ideas
  • You’re able to download ALL slides in PDF format by submitting your email (free)
  • Some bonus cool stuff if you click on “more cool stuff” check it out 😉 

3. Canva

  • Amazing design tool covering everything from social media & logos to flyers & videos
  • Free plan has 250k design templates for social media posts, presentations, flyers etc.
  • Their pitch deck designs are amazing and all fully editable 

4. Pitch Deck Hunt

  • 150+ Pitch Deck examples from the most successful startups
  • Filter by startup topic (Cannabis, sports, Health etc.) and stage (pre-seed, series A etc.)
  • They have original pitch decks from WeWork, Tinder, LinkedIn & Shopify 

5. Founders Institute “How to Pitch Your Startup” 

  • FI is a world leading pre-seed incubator and startup training program
  • Extensive breakdown of how to write a “fundable” startup pitch deck
  • Complete with 5 pitching templates (all downloadable & editable)
  • Including examples from famous startups for each slide section


Demo Day Pitch Deck Guide by Y Combinator

  • Extensive breakdown of the demo day startup pitch (9 extra resources at end of page)

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