Everything You Need To Start Content Marketing

Everything you need to know about content marketing in a simple guide with a masterclass!

How to Start Content Marketing

1. Focus on 1 Channel To start
● In the beginning I started on YouTube & struggled to grow
● On TiktTok I grew rapidly and leverage this following to grow my business and my other social media channels
● Select a social media channel & format that best suits your strength.
● Perfect this 1 channel first then later you can repurpose your content for other channels.
● Don’t forget to register your username on all other channels even if you don’t use them right away.

2. Focus on Content Marketing to Begin with
● All of my social media growth has been completely free to date – you can do the same.
● Start by using your own personal brand & network to market your startup.
● If you really need to pay for marketing make sure that you’re already generating revenue

3. Give you audience somewhere to go & something to do
● Always place a call to action at the end of your posts whether you ask a direct question to the audience or ask them to comment below with something specific.
● Try to capture your audience with a newsletter, signup or a subscription or follow for your social media channels – don’t be afraid to ask this directly – people need reminders.

4. Deliver Value with your content
● The best examples of content marketing I see are companies who share knowledge for free
● Continuously post content that is valuable for your community: Share knowledge about your startup field or your own expertise, show behind the scenes, discuss your progress and challenges, start a conversation around your startup area not just on your product.
● Check slidebean for an amazing example of a company that does this the right way

5. Select a Very specific Target Audience
● The clearer picture of your customer the more effective your marketing will be.
● Your social media audience should be very similar to your ideal customer profile.
● Describe your ideal customer as one specific person & build content for them.
● This will help you empathize with your audience and potential customers.
● It also helps you avoid going too broad and instead focuses you on developing great content for one specific person type to develop a strong community of early adopters.

For much more detail check out Antler Launch Academy with their free startup course including a 1-hour masterclass on Early Startup Marketing with Lisa Enckell (insert short bio)!


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