Innovation, change & conflict with Falko
The Strong Startup Podcast #7

We all know that the weakness of some big companies is their lack of speed in adapting to changes and that for startups being agile is a major strength.

But for both big companies and startups change management as part of the process of innovation is still something of a challenge.

In this episode of the podcast, Falko Döring from Puzzle Innovation discusses how to actually manage change in a large or small organization.

He also provides some excellent insights into how you can improve your team workshops to implement the required changes.



Falko loves solving puzzles and problems – whether they’re puzzle games or big corporate challenges that need to be overcome.

He co-founded Puzzle Innovation in 2019 with two friends to help individuals and organizations to build solutions to their challenges through co-creation, leadership, dialogue, and team-building activities.

He is an engineer with a Master’s in Energy Technologies from EIT InnoEnergy and a patent in wave energy production. He has also worked at EIT InnoEnergy as a program manager and was president of the EIT Alumni Community in Europe.

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