How To Build A Community with Dr. Jagadeesh Gandla
The Strong Startup Podcast #4

Jagadeesh is a community builder that has positively impacted the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people through the various initiatives he has started such as the Indian Empowerment Network and DareToStart.

His whole life is based around community building and impacting people’s lives at scale. This is something that I‘m extremely interested in and I think our conversation will help share some insights from Jagadeesh’s experience with creating communities and really bringing value to people’s lives whether that’s creating a startup or getting that job you’ve always dreamed of.



The Indian Empowerment Network is a Facebook group that started only a few months ago with almost 1000 members at the time of posting.

This group started with the simple purpose of helping people given the extremely difficult situations we all face during COVID-19. It’s a self-organized platform supporting these 1000 members with everything from CV clinics, design thinking workshops, and language courses, to name just a few programs, all powered by the members.

This has morphed into new exciting formats such as the IEN Talks and other extremely valuable workshops with experts such as Dr. Ushy Mohan Das.

More recently he founded DareToStart with Dr. Manoj Nimbalkar. Together with their team, they are supporting entrepreneurs to take their first actions toward founding their own startup and help to bridge the gap for organizations, startups, and businesses between India and Europe.

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