Everything You Need To Know About Finding A Co-Founder And What To Look For

You’re here because you’re wondering, “where do i meet co-founders for my startup?” Find the answer to that question here.

How to Find Co-Founders and What to Look For 

You’re here because you’re wondering, “where do i meet co-founders for my startup?” And with a shift into looking online over in-person due to the coronavirus, it’s even more crucial that you know how to find co-founders and what to look for so you can get the process rolling ASAP.

Here’s an interesting fact to consider: Did you know that 23% of startup failures are attributed in part to having the wrong team? Co-founder clashes can kill a startup and therefore, a solid team is just as important as the product/service you’re creating.

A startup involves juggling tons of different tasks and responsibilities. But you don’t want much overlap in skills. This reality makes it even more important that we find capable co-founders who can do what we can’t.

Here, you’ll learn about six topics:

Read about the six topics and the rest of the full article written by Carl Potak here.


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