Why you should document your business processes

In this week’s newsletter, I’ll cover why documenting the processes of your business is an essential step that you simply cannot miss.  Yes, it will take some time but in the long run, you and your company will reap the benefits. You might think that this is not something that a startup just kicking off …

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How to Get Started with Content Marketing for Startups

Interested in starting content marketing for your business? Here are a few quick tips to help you start implementing today! Getting the ball rolling on your marketing strategy can seem very overwhelming in the beginning. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur starting a new business and running in every direction possible. You know that your business …

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Pitch Deck E-Book

Download The Strong Startup Pitch Deck E-Book Below Everything you need to build a killer pitch deck Fill out the form below and we will EMAIL you the e-Book By clicking ‘Download’ you agree to our privacy police and terms and conditions. You will also be added to our newsletter from which you can unsubscribe …

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How to Build Amazing Prototypes Quickly

Everyone talks about a prototype or a “minimum viable product” but what is it and how can you go about making your own for your startup? Well to first set the scene a “Minimum Viable Product” or “Prototype” is the absolute bare minimum version of your product that you can test with a customer

How To Shoot The Perfect Video Pitch

Video is literally the most important format for improving the visibility of your startup. We’ve put together this guide to take you through the most important things to consider when preparing to record a one minute video pitch for your startup. If you haven’t considered doing this until now please do me a favour and make a video after reading this guide!

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